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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Nomadic Engineer

I've been giving a few things serious consideration lately.  One of which.. is moving.

Yes, Austin is nice, but it gets REAL hot and it's a great party town.. if you're around college age.  Not a whole lot here for old men like me (heh).  The tech industry here is pretty decent but it's in no way as active as Silicon Valley or the Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Portland).

So I got to thinking, as I sat and looked at my extremely portable gear.. why not save up a big pile of cash in the bank, and just move from contract t contract? 18 months here, a year there, 8-10 months the other place.. I feel like it would be fun (since I'm not moving but 2 suitcases of stuff) and I'd get to see places I haven't before.  A quick scan of the tech job board DICE shows cool jobs up my alley all over the U.S.!

I have no kids, no wife, no girlfriend, no car, no house, no boat anchors at all. All of the people I've known for a long time I know online.  There's nothing tying me to any one place now that my parents have passed away, so.. maybe it's time to give in to that nomadic streak I've been feeling wake up again.

I can write ANYWHERE, all mo works go online and there's no geographical restriction on where I can post from.  All I need are my 3D laptop, my writing/software development laptop, and my tablet PC. All that, some basic clothes, and my stuffed animals fit in 2 suitcases.  I can literally, on a weeks notice,  move anywhere.

The only thing I need is to build up a decent sized cushion on my prepaid credit card for moving/living expenses and I'm set to go.  I think I can get that done in about a year.

I only have 2 planned expenses: a trip to Portland in October for Oktoberfest, and a new laptop to dedicate to 3D and writing (leaving my i5 system for software development and the tablet PC as my portable solution).

It's time for.. A PLAN!

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