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Monday, July 22, 2013


It's time to start planning my next vacation, and I've decided on the Pacific Northwest!

Why?  Well, it's beautiful.. I've been before and I love the area.. fresh fish, fun places to hang out.. and BEER!

Portland has more microbreweries than Austin or Silicon Valley by an order of magnitude.  I've wanted to go tour the Portland pubs and breweries for years, and since I have a friend that lives in the area I can get an expert local guide for the cost of food and beer.. not bad considering the commercial tours want $100 a ticket! Oww!

From a quick budget, if I can avoid unnecessary expenditures, I can go sometime in early October.. showing up for Octoberfest in Portland would ROCK!  I'd fly out on a Thursday and fly back on a Monday, thus only losing 3 work days (and not all in one week) - perfectly acceptable.  The only annoying thing will be getting my diabetic supplies on the plane, but that's just a matter of putting up with TSA idiocy.  It would DEFINITELY be worth it!

This means I'd have to put the new laptop off until next year, but that's not a big deal.  By October I'm going to need a vacation, the way things are going around here!

Must... save.. money....!

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