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Monday, August 26, 2013


Sometimes it's good.  If you know it's better to take a step back and "make do", or pursue a different path, then cool.

But sometimes, it's a MISTAKE - yes, in all caps.  And I fell afoul of such a thing.

Ever since I was in my 20s I've wanted to work on visual effects.  But, the learning is hard, the software is expensive, and so I went down the "take the easy route" and have just done stills in 3D, for illustrating my writing.  But as much fun as it is sometimes, it's just not real soul-satisfying.

So, this weekend I decided that I'm distracting myself from doing what I want to do.  I want to do VFX and if I don't get started soon I could Drop Down Dead(tm) before I accomplish anything.  I also decided that I'm not likely to do it for a living at my age (heh) so I can use the non-commercial version of my target software (SideFX Houdini), which saves me $8000!  They have a $99/year version that has more features, once I come up to speed with the free version I'll get that.

It's going to be tough - there's a massive learning curve, and I'm not going to be good at it overnight, or even in a month - this is hardcore, complex VX software and will require a lot of study and time.

But I'm tired of compromising. I want to make a giant firestorm in space blast a planet apart!

In other news - for the first time in MONTHS, I woke up this weekend inspired to compose.. so I put together a nice little ambient rock piece that a number of folks liked.  I need to get my mixing and composition chops back (they got a little stale over the months), but I'm sure I'll improve quickly.  I'm going minimalist this time - only my best audio effects, one DAW, strictly loops and loop-mangling - no virtual instruments - so I can focus on the song without worrying about CPU use, using up RAM with a ton of VSTi, and other annoying bits and bobs.

I feel cautiously optimistic.

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