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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rampant Apathy

Well, finally are calming down.  No more stop-ship bugs, I found and fixed a few things before the test guys noticed (they never found them, actually) and I repaired an emergency where a co-worker broke the communications protocol and the production had to stop while I fixed the tester (grrr).

But now.. I'm tired.  I get home and all I do is stare at the computer screen, watch movies, or veg out to Animal Planet.  I did one 3D scene of a monster that's just flying guts, a head, and arms.. but.. meh.

I suspect a full month of stress has drained my motivation for a while.  I had this happen when I worked at Silicon Valley start-ups and before critical product ship dates.. you get burned out to produce, then the mind and body need recovery time before the NEXT set of idiotic disasters and/or stupidly short product development cycles.

I hope I can get about 1-2 weeks of just ordinary work, sitting and coding and debugging without 4 Priority 1 ASAP-type issues hitting at once.  At least dishonored co-worker seems to have learned his lesson, but dang!  This kind of thing has to stop!

I need to write more, and I need to illustrate it.  Otherwise I'll end up losing my marbles and end up quitting to join a commune in Oregon or be a Pizza Hut dishwasher.  Blech.

I just don't care about apathy!

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