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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vue to a thrill

Vue 11 is a pretty slick piece of 3D software.  I've been playing with it for an evening (ALL evening) and I'm impressed.  It's easy to make something respectable, but it's deep when you need it.

I had some extra cash this week, so instead of spending it on beer (heh) I bought an expansion module for Vue - EcoSystems.  This lets you design large-scale systems of entities more easily than plunking down individual plants and structures, which will make some things easier to do.

Next will be KronosFX (time-based actions) and Zephyr (wind and related effects).  This will also get me Vue particles, which can do some amazing things.

Daz Studio, and all Daz software, has been removed in favor of Poser Pro 2012/Vue 11.  That combo is far more than I'll ever need for my humble works.

Still pressing forward on writing, it's just slow.  And I'm trying to set aside 1-2 evenings a week for music now, as well.  Just simple loop-based tunes, nothing super-fancy.. keep it simple.

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