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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Argh, blech, yecch, etc.

Well, LONG time no blog - got caught up in a nightmare at work that has taken several months to clear up.  Very distracting mess involving a product shipping for 2 years with dozens of uncaught bugs (not my code, whew) and a project I inherited from another engineer that turned out to be close to 100% incorrectly implemented.  Most of the mess is cleaned up and hopefully in 2 weeks the rest will be done. Preferably before I blow a gasket and quit...

Next February will be my 2-year anniversary on what was a six month contract.. and I think it's time to seriously prepare to move on.  This place seems to refuse to try to move towards best practices, we keep shipping untested products (or lightly tested, at best), there's no design phase it's all "marketing spec to code", we have ONE dedicated test person and a dozen projects and they won't hire anyone else.. it's a disaster waiting to happen and I can smell trouble coming soon because of it.

I haven't done any writing lately, either, due to the stress.. that's unacceptable.  Something is going to have to give and it's not going to be my writing!  Same with my music.. by the time I get home all I want to do is knock back a beer and go to sleep, and the weekends all I do is sleep and de-stress in preparation for another week of deliberate idiocy.  Feh.

I think I'll likely leave Austin for Silicon Valley again, or maybe Seattle/Portland.  Austin is nice but it's nowhere near the kind of tech hub that I thrive in.  And it's been getting hotter each Summer, we routinely break 105! Yikes!

One final note for the day - I'm going to get an inexpensive Fender Tele to re-learn on for Christmas!  This time, I'm giving myself a year to re-learn.. I've been told it'll take about that long from people who have left guitar and come back.  I'll also get a flight case as I'll ship it ahead of me to wherever I end up.

I need to blog 3-4 times a week again.  Discipline!

Until later!

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