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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Right, some fairly large changes in direction based on my "Winter Solstice Introspection" annual activity.

First, I've archived and deleted all 3D software from my laptop.  Why? Because it's distracting me from other things!  It became apparent that it was my go-to time suck for when I didn't want to write or compose.  So, off with it!  Also saves me the cost of a new laptop, as what I have is more than enough for music and writing.

Second, no guitar.  It's another excuse to avoid learning to be a better composer and producer.  So, deleted from my to-by list!  Also saves adding One More Thing to my life to deal with.

Third, I'm now more consistently blogging on my Red Room authors site, and getting more reads.  This will help build an audience for my writings once I start cranking them out.. and that should start happening pretty darn soon.

And finally - a boycott on the purchase of any new gear.  I have everything I need to do anything I want to, period.  My laptop music studio is better equipped than a lot of local commercial studios, and I have every known writing craft book/reference book, so all spare money will go into savings and on my prepaid card to save for emergencies and a REAL VACATION next year!

I re-upgraded my SoundCloud account so I don't have to worry about running out of space on my Web hosting service.  I might, once I actually have stories etc. to put out, upgrade my Red Room account to "Professional", but not until I have at least 5-6 novellas/short story collections/etc. that I an put up for sale.

If I don't post before Christmas, happy holidays everyone!

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