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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Hurricane Of Music

I hate sales.  I fell for one this morning, I had the opportunity to upgrade my Music Creator Touch to full-on SONAR X3 for $49, and well.. I went and did it!  Time to move on up in the world of music creation.

In the same spirit, I'm re-downloading all my Cakewalk products and will be re-installing all my synths and sample libraries.  I feel a hunger for raw materials to process to death!  Between my Dimension and Rapture libraries I have nearly 4GB of instruments.. should work out pretty well in my quest for mangle-able audio.

Amazingly I also found a source for Tibetan singing bowls and meditation bells!  They're in SF2 (Soundfont) format so I need to convert them, but I have the tools and I think it'll work out well.

And finally, I coughed up for Audio Damage Kombinant DVA - some seriously twisted distortion going on in this thing! Perfect for really trashing a sound up.

Next up - begin work on my first full-length ambient album!  Tally ho!

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