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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Joy of Absynth

Not absinthe the drink, but Absynth the software synthesizer from Native Instruments.

This thing is AMAZING.  I had always been told it was a pad/ambient/experimental monster, but I wasn't willing to cough up $200 to find out.  Thanks to a friend (shout out to Vurt!), I got Absynth3 for the price of 2 six packs, then upgraded to Absynth5 - for a total of under $100.

Absynth is also no-joke complex.  It's going to take me  while to learn to program it, thankfully it comes with a bazillion patches right out of the box and can import Absynth2/3 banks as well.

It plays well with the QuNexus, which is a good thing.

Speaking of the QuNexus, I'm loving it! Small, sturdy, very programmable.  You need to know MIDI pretty well to set it up but the factory setups (it comes with 4) work fine out of the box if you don't want to bother customizing it.

My Akai EWI is at the front desk, but (sigh) they open at 9 and close at 6, so I have to wait until Saturday to pick it up.  Delayed gratification, for sure!

Next up: making a new, more reasonable profile pic for Soundcloud, and then actually putting up a website for Zombie Slugs Music!

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