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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Holiday Season.. in Tulsa

It looks like I'll be in Tulsa long past the end of October.  There's WAY too much work left to do, and it looks like it could drag on into January.

This will sure look good on my resume', though.  Tons of I2C and SPI bus work, LCD drivers, PWMs.. it's a massive project and being the ONLY software person is a heck of a challenge.  If I can pull this off, I'm going to party for a week straight!

Not much else going on.. Tulsa Fair and Rodeo this weekend, going to take my camera and field recorder and have a good time damaging myself with fried food.  The weather should be perfect.

No9t much going on musically right now, doing a lot of background story work  for Vicky's Diner, filling in the villians,  figuring out where rivalries are, minor characters, and the like.

Oh well, back to reading manuals for the DRV8301 chip!

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