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Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20

I freely admit I'm a bit drunk right now.

On October 20, 2003, my love and life Sabine  Sklar went into a diabetic coma, and never came out,  She died shortly thereafter.

Every October 20, whether or not I consciously know it, I go into deep mourning.  I know, I know, get over it and move on, well try having the woman that made your soul sing pass away, then get back to me. I will fight, and being the Serpent I am, I always win.  Sad.

I love you Sabine, I have made you immortal with my poetry, and I can only hope that once the Goddess lets me go, I will spend as much of my existence as I can with you.

I love you beyond life, beyond meaning, beyond reason.

I miss you.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Elec Tronix

I'm not an electrical engineer.  In fact, I can't even solder, much less design a circuit.

But here I am breadboarding a prototype of a board that won't exist until late November or early December.

Now, I'm not averse to learning new things, but HAVING to learn something just to keep the project moving along is really annoying.  I' having to spend days learning basic electronics since the hardware guy isn't here and without some stuff cobbled together I'm ded in the water.  I learn things like what diodes are, how to use capacitors and resistors (and why), how pull-up and pull-down resistors work (and when to use which, and what strong/weak ones are).

And I have yet to burn anything up, which I'm kind of proud of.

So, I'm spending a small pile of cash to load up on components from Sparkfun Electronics and will spend all day today teaching myself how to breadboard up some basic circuits.  Thankfully, I don't need to solder anything!

It sure will look good on my resume', I guess.  And this old dogs learns new tricks all the time, this is just my next one, I suppose.