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Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20

I freely admit I'm a bit drunk right now.

On October 20, 2003, my love and life Sabine  Sklar went into a diabetic coma, and never came out,  She died shortly thereafter.

Every October 20, whether or not I consciously know it, I go into deep mourning.  I know, I know, get over it and move on, well try having the woman that made your soul sing pass away, then get back to me. I will fight, and being the Serpent I am, I always win.  Sad.

I love you Sabine, I have made you immortal with my poetry, and I can only hope that once the Goddess lets me go, I will spend as much of my existence as I can with you.

I love you beyond life, beyond meaning, beyond reason.

I miss you.

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