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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The engines canna stand the strain!

I think I need fresh dilithium crystals!

Hit 2800 words on my NaNoWriMo novel and have now had writers block for two weeks.  Honestly, I'm getting more stressed out about it than it's worth, so before I blow a gasket I'm giving up.  There are more interesting paths to pursue...

I had a guy on SoundCloud ask permission to play a couple of my tracks on his Web radio show "blind flight".  I've found another place to submit my music for publication SPECIFICALLY asking for dark ambient tracks.  And I've found a way in my video app to morph, mix, and mangle stills into surrealistic nightmares that I can compose soundtracks for, so I an load my music on a YouTube channel.

So far, my music seems to be the only thing going anywhere.  I can't seem to force, coax, or coerce myself into writing anything of any length, so I declare that part of my creativity burned out (le sigh).  But my 3D work inspires my music inspires my 3D art, so they feed off each other, and I don't feel any stress when engaged in either pursuit.. I focus on sound&image for now.

Work goes extremely well, so that's one less source of stress.

Until later!

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