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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Windows 10 installed!

This was going to be a profanity-laced rant about Windows 10, but I'll try to lose the profanity.

Windows 10 installed in about 45 minutes on my screaming-fast laptop, not bad.  It boots faster than Windows 8.  Works better... ONCE I HACKED INTO MY OWN LAPTOP.

That's right, Win10 locked me out of my own fricking laptop.  It lost my password and I had to go change it on Outlook for my account and EVEN THEN it wouldn't let me in.

I had t use my Android phone and my Android tablet to reset a <deleted>load of password and account info to get into the system.  I was literally screaming invectives at the top of my lungs and beating on the desk, I was so angry.

Right now I would gladly lay a nuke on Microsoft's Redmond campus and dance around the smoking radioactive corpses of every single Deity-damned Microsoft employee and feel not one twinge of conscience or regret.

I want to kick whomever is responsible for this lame upgrade process in the crotch with steel-toed boots! I'd laugh as they screamed in agony! Yeah, that's how it felt to upgrade, moron!

Regretfully, once I beat the crap out of the login process, Win10 is so far happier than Win8, so.. oh well.

Time to save up for a Mac and buy Logic Pro, this upgrade process is bullcrap.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting Healthier

You know, as I get older, things get harder to do (lol)!

My last album effort took 4 months of painful, late-night work and I felt dead tired for days after release.  I don't normally feel that tired,  so this was a Bad Sign.

Work is also stupid stressful, and I feel tired almost every evening when I get home.  I feel lethargic, and only by late Saturday, after sleeping most of the day, do I feel perky and creative.

My weight has been creeping up, as well.  It's too hot to go out for a walk during the day, I'm too tired to go out after work,and I sleep all weekend.

SOMETHING needs to change!

So, first move - no more "beer every night".  This will drop my carb intake (and save some money).  Then, change my eating habits.. right now I eat super-carby breakfast foods, now I've switched to Atkins shakes for breakfast, and twice a week I eat an Atkins bar for lunch.  This should really help.

Next up, cross-trainer shoes to make it easier for me to walk longer distances, and a super-lightweight shirt so I can feel better about wandering around in the heat.

There's a small park about 2-3 blocks off.. I need to go investigate it this weekend.

Slowly but surely!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Another insane milestone!!

Well, well.  Just released from Share Ideas, the first ever video using one of my songs as a soundtrack!



It's been a long, strange trip and it ain't over yet!  Partying will be done tonight, not TOO heavily as this is a Monday (lol).  There *might* be one more in the works, but no promises!

Been shamelessly self-promoting this all morning, only place not touched is Facebook and that's next!

Need to crank out more tunes!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Phone.. the pain and the pleasure

Well, I finally went and did it.  I coughed up for a brand new HTC Desire 610, with a flip case.  The case is in the mail, but I got the phone.. and she's a beauty.

The screen is about twice as large as my old phone.  It's easier to read, by far.  It feels huge, but it still fits in a shirt pocket - extra bonus!  Tons of apps, the latest Android, and it took my 32GB microSD card without an issue.

But.. and you knew there'd be a BUT, right? .. setting the thing up was a huge pain in the tail!

It REQUIRES a wireless connection.  Where I work, the guest wireless is useless and we all have hardline connections.   I literally had to walk to where my old phone could get at least 2 bars, set it up as a mobile hotspot, and use IT to get online so I could log in and set the phone up!

I wonder what happens if you're in a dead zone?  Ship it back, I guess.

Anyway, after 20 minutes of cursing, my shiny new phone is actually working and seems good so far.  It's just different enough to have some learning curve, so we'll see how I feel in a week or so.

I hope this thing lasts a few years...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I got signed to an online record label!!!

Not rich, but maybe Net-famous someday.

I am now promoted by WEATNU Records - "We Are The New Underground" - and they'll be selling "Thrown Against The Sky", as well as any for-pay singles and my next album "Adrift in Twilight".  Free singles will come out through them as well.

WEATNU Records has a very good collection of eclectic musicians - the owner is great to work with - and they came highly recommended by a friend I trust a lot.  They're a great label and I'm honored they're taking me in.

I'll have links to the Website and radio station up soon. Go check 'em out!!