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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting Healthier

You know, as I get older, things get harder to do (lol)!

My last album effort took 4 months of painful, late-night work and I felt dead tired for days after release.  I don't normally feel that tired,  so this was a Bad Sign.

Work is also stupid stressful, and I feel tired almost every evening when I get home.  I feel lethargic, and only by late Saturday, after sleeping most of the day, do I feel perky and creative.

My weight has been creeping up, as well.  It's too hot to go out for a walk during the day, I'm too tired to go out after work,and I sleep all weekend.

SOMETHING needs to change!

So, first move - no more "beer every night".  This will drop my carb intake (and save some money).  Then, change my eating habits.. right now I eat super-carby breakfast foods, now I've switched to Atkins shakes for breakfast, and twice a week I eat an Atkins bar for lunch.  This should really help.

Next up, cross-trainer shoes to make it easier for me to walk longer distances, and a super-lightweight shirt so I can feel better about wandering around in the heat.

There's a small park about 2-3 blocks off.. I need to go investigate it this weekend.

Slowly but surely!

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