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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Phone.. the pain and the pleasure

Well, I finally went and did it.  I coughed up for a brand new HTC Desire 610, with a flip case.  The case is in the mail, but I got the phone.. and she's a beauty.

The screen is about twice as large as my old phone.  It's easier to read, by far.  It feels huge, but it still fits in a shirt pocket - extra bonus!  Tons of apps, the latest Android, and it took my 32GB microSD card without an issue.

But.. and you knew there'd be a BUT, right? .. setting the thing up was a huge pain in the tail!

It REQUIRES a wireless connection.  Where I work, the guest wireless is useless and we all have hardline connections.   I literally had to walk to where my old phone could get at least 2 bars, set it up as a mobile hotspot, and use IT to get online so I could log in and set the phone up!

I wonder what happens if you're in a dead zone?  Ship it back, I guess.

Anyway, after 20 minutes of cursing, my shiny new phone is actually working and seems good so far.  It's just different enough to have some learning curve, so we'll see how I feel in a week or so.

I hope this thing lasts a few years...

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