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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

You can get used to anything, I guess

I ended up spending a week in the hospital with a big hole in my foot and my blood glucose gone wild.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it, temperature hit 103.7 and the nurses had me in ice packs.. but between the fever meds and 2 kinds of antibiotic IV drips on 24 hours a day, they pulled me through.

Biggest change - the doc took me off my pills and now I'm injecting insulin.  I never thought I'd get here (urgh), and kind of figured I'd never be able to shoot up insulin.. but, if you  want to live, you'll do the most surprising things.

I use an insulin pen.  This is a thing that looks like a magic marker that contains injectable insulin.  Just mix it up, screw on the needle, stab yourself in the stomach fat (and heaven knows I have plenty of that!), hold 10 seconds, pull the needle out - put needle cap back on and unscrew (dispose of properly) and you';re done.  Takes all of about 45 seconds to one minute to do it, the needle is super-thin and I barely feel it, and there's no complex process of filling a syringe (omg shudder).

So, thankfully my new job has medical insurance and mine becomes effective March 1st.!  First thing I do is find a doc who knows how to deal with Type 2 diabetes and I get myself healthy again.  Could be a long process, but it's time to get working on it if I want to finish a couple more albums (heh).

Anyway, soon hopefully moving back into my own furnished efficiency apartment as my current contract is supposed to be long-term, possibly contract-t-hire.  It'd be nice to stop interviewing every six months to a year.. blech.

More music coming, and soon.. some games!  Zombie Slugs rises from the ashes!