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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

End Of The Road, Part 2

No apologies from the landlady today.  She simply avoids looking at me and does her stuff and leaves, which is fine by me.  I don't expect an apology from her as I've never heard her apologize for anything, I don't she has it in her to admit to ever doing anything wrong.

Today has mostly been the shutdown of my job search - turning off job alerts, turning off searches, hiding my resume' on Monster and Dice, emailing headhunters, killing my LinkedIn account.. whew! A slow process but a necessary one as I intend to quietly vanish for many years/

Sold the last of my Native Instruments music software, so that's done.  I have $58 in Paypal and I'm planning on using that for one last blowout Chinese feast as kind of a final celebration for making it this far (heh).  I still have a $35 check coming from Paypal, that will buy me my last booze and some burrito-sized tortillas so I can enjoy the food I have here.  I have enough for a month easily, so no real worries on eating.

I'm STILL fuming about yesterday!  Talked to a bunch of folks online and not one of them thought she had any right to search my food stock for anything, much less walk out with something.  So, while I have my fair share of issues, being overly-sensitive on this subject likely isn't one of them.  Much shaking of head.

No sign of my housemate yet.  I need to type up some support documentation for her on how to reset the router and cable modem, I'm sure it'll need to be done on occasion and I don't want to leave her with zero support.  She's a nice person, likely the only mostly-sane one in this house.

I have vodka and beer, I suppose I could send out for Chinese tonight.  Or get the money in cash and have a mega hot wings feast, I have plenty of tasty goodies for tonight.

Ugh, need to do laundry to clean a t-shirt that needs to go to Goodwill.  Ugh, tomorrow maybe.

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