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Monday, October 3, 2016


Ah, regrets.. I've had a few.

I regret deleting all my music software!

So here I am, re-downloading, re-installing, and re-authorizing. Ugh.  For HOURS.

The one good thing, such as it is, is that this has made me focus on what I'm going to actually use as compared to what I grab on the off-chance I might use it someday.  So, my stable of instruments is small, my effects few and professional-level, and the best of my loop libraries will be ready to hand.

Not having over a dozen software synthesizers and over 100 (!!) software effects will help me spend more time composing and less time wondering hich flavor of reverb/ech/phaser/etc. I really want for a track, which frankly was a productivity killer.

Jury is still out on a physical instrument.. there's no finger pain typing now, but I haven't tried long-term pressure to them so I need to buy a finger exerciser and see where that goes.

Regardless, the Synthetic Aurality music project rises from the ashes!

Scrivener and Jutoh are both installed, so I can get back to my writing, and I've copied all my music to this machine so I have tunes.

Decisions, decisions...

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