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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Everything WAS going fine...

..until my boss quit.

She left because of 'internal tension' (not the whole story, which I know) and the new guy basically stopped all new work, changed my work assignment completely, and now I'm not in the 'Core team meeting' any longer.

Even a blind man can see where this is going.  I suspect they'll slowly phase me out as they hire more full-time folks, then at the end of my contract simply not renew it.

Thankfully, now having solid medical deice experience, and some work in using MATLAB to support PhDs, this gies me a good leg up on other engineers.

My next job is to clean ip my resume', start banking cash, and prepping for a high-intensity jo search.  Add to that coming back up to speed on Linux driver development and kernel work, and I should be in a solid position to start a job hunt at the drop of a hat.. if I don't just kick one off now.

If only my boss had stayed!  But if I were in her position, I'd have left months ago.

I just can't catch a break.. lol!

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