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Oh No Where Did My Foot Go?!?!?!?!?!

Pics from my left foot mostly-amputation 3/2 to 3/21

..and so, it begins.  This foot is a traitor, it's trying to kill me!!

And. after one surgery, the son of a <censored> is gone! Suck it down, infected foot parts!

On two IVs at once, two different antibiotics.. omfg.. I felt like a pincushion AND a medical experiment! HELP!

After the second of 3 surgeries, the elephant foot implant is in place.. oops I lied!  On wound vacuum, awaiting final clean up and closing of the amputation.

Final close-up surgery over, weird steampunk wound drain attached to foot stub.  Sucker somehow draws out excess fluids without electric.. I think this mother is nuclear!!! 1.21 GIGAWATTS!!

This is a PICC line.  The tube in my arm runs into a major vein in my chest, so that antibiotics get into my bloodstream better.  This stayed inside me for a week, drinking my blood and feeding on my life force.  Definitely the most freaking creepy thing to EVER happen to me.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET IT OUT OF MY CHEST!!

Toes? What toes? We don't need no steenking toes! Enter.. FRANKENFOOT! Love the stitches...

All bundled up in my kick-ass purple cast!  Yo, who's stylin' now, homies?

Drive brand DV8 Medical Knee Scooter, my ride for the next 4-5 weeks.  Dual rear brakes, aircraft aluminum, padded knee stand/seat, rolls like it's frictionless.  RAMMING SPEED!


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